Our Brands

Abode Cleaning Range was created by Australian building biologist, naturopath and healthy home expert Nicole Bijlsma.

Abode Cleaning Products are  all Australian made  that are completely free from petrochemicals, palm oil, phosphates, artificial fragrances and other toxins.

The range of products also includes a fragrance-free, hypoallergenic line ideal for those with multiple chemical sensitivities and who need chemical free alternatives.



At Health Australia was established in 2015. It offers a range of health food products for all ages that are designed to support those pursuing health and fitness goals.

Offering a range of premium protein formulas, which includes grass-fed whey protein isolate that has met the company's strict criteria, it also offers organic super greens and a variety of collagen, dairy-free protein and vegan products.

The mantra of its founders, Alexis and Trent, is to "live a healthy and well-balanced lifestyle. Exercise, eat well, reduce stress, laugh often and indulge a little."



Ausganica - Before founding her company, Moreen spent a decade working for an Australian multinational cosmetics supplier and contract manufacturer. 

Moreen was aware of the reputation of natural products at the time as they were seen as ineffective or not great quality.

Moreen was determined to prove it could be done and done well. Moreen was among the early innovators of organic regulations in Australia, and she committed to follow them with Ausganica.

In 2008, when she was ready to begin, she drew on her extensive network of skincare experts, herbalists, hair specialists, growers, and suppliers of quality organic and natural ingredients, to transform her vision into reality.

The entire Ausganica product range is all natural, cruelty-free, vegan, free from synthetics, chemicals, artificial preservatives, petro chemicals, synthetics, masking agents, and fillers

Ausganica is manufactured in a Certified Organic Facility that they own and operate. Their Organic and Safety Certifications far exceed those established by the USA’s FDA.

Australia's Manuka Honey company is family owned and operated since it was established in 1996. They have been supplying authentic Australia’s Manuka Honey locally and abroad. 

They take great pride in the harvesting and process, all honey is cold extracted to ensure that the beneficial enzymes are preserved. Their bees are ethically managed and their honey processing facility is run almost entirely on solar energy.

This honey is sourced from Manuka flowers located on the pristine North Coast of New South Wales in Australia. The harvest takes place usually during the flowering of our Leptospermum plants in a narrow window of three to four weeks per year.




Clover Fields is Australia’s oldest family-owned soap manufacturer. They began in 1983 as a small boutique business in the Blue Mountains, and grew into a thriving factory and design centre which is now based in Penrith, an hour west of Sydney.

Their cultural ethos is to provide eco-sustainable products that have minimal environmental harm and to produce modern products with recyclable and compostable packaging.





Dindi Naturals luxurious skincare and body products are carefully blended in their solar-powered boutique factory located amidst the pristine, mountainous region of Murrindindi Shire, Victoria.

Their products are produced in small batches, by hand, by a highly trained team. They use only the highest quality, bio-active, palm oil free and cruelty free ingredients that are gentle on both the earth and you.

The quality and quantity of botanical ingredients in Dindi Naturals products sets them apart and makes the range a potent and essential food for your skin. 

They use an extraction process that delivers the full plant profile that exists in nature without degrading the plants bio-matrix. These bio-available plant compounds are active  and nutritionally dense, delivering pure skin nutrition that is easily absorbed. 




At EnviroCare Earth which includes EnviroCare and EnviroClean, they understand that our planet has finite natural resources and that the production of personal care, cleaning products and pet care if made with care and consideration can be sustainable.

Ultimately they want their products to make a difference. They are proud to be an Australian run family company (2nd generation).  Manufacturing in Perth and creating products which are safer for you and our environment.

All of their products are plant-based. All their products are non-toxic, bio-degradable and contain ingredients sourced ethically and sustainably from the best Australian or International suppliers.



What do you do when you can’t find a healthy, pleasant tasting, all natural toothpaste, suitable for the whole family? You make your own. That’s exactly what Michael and Michelle Aronson did over 30 years ago when they were looking for a great tasting family friendly toothpaste that was free from SLS, parabens, preservatives and also fluoride free.

With no natural toothpastes on the market that tasted great,  or were family friendly and free from SLS, parabens, preservatives and fluoride-free, they set out to make their own.

The name ‘Grants’  comes from the street in which they lived at the time.  Their daughter Tammy has since joined them and together they are committed to producing affordable, natural products for the next generation of health conscious families.



The Jack N' Jill Kids brand was established in the 1940's, and was a household name.  Today it is fondly remembered by many Aussie kids raised in the 50's, 60's and 70's. Today, the family business has been revived by Melbourne-based couple Rachel & Justin Bernhaut, who, after their own personal light bulb moment, realised the product is still very relevant for today's health-conscious parents.

Jack N' Jill Toothpaste is 100% safe for young children - especially because they have a tendency to swallow it, rather than spit it out! All Jack N' Jill branding is designed to be appealing to children and is cute enough that parents won't mind it sitting on their bathroom vanity.

Jack N' Jill products are all natural, hypoallergenic, organic and BPA free.



JAK Organics is an Australian owned, 100% natural skincare company. They truly believe that beautiful, healthy skin can be achieved by using only natural ingredients.

There are so many super powers in nature and they have selected some of the best to make their products.

Their products are full of certified organic ingredients, free from harmful chemicals and designed to keep you fresh and at your best to keep up with your busy lifestyle.



Kin Kin Naturals are a Noosa Hinterland family based business. They passionate about making local all natural cleaning products that actually work. They use only ingredients they would put in their own backyard or close to their children's skin.

Dad - Felix - is a PhD-qualified formulator, who used to work for OMO. His skills level is unique in the world of eco products - we hope you will notice the difference when using their products.

Mum - Sandy - is in charge of production and also develops our packaging designs.

Their kids - Marijn and Pippa - help as well, at times.

Kin Kin naturals is their baby. They have put their heart and soul into their products and hope you will love them too!

Their Dishwashing Powder is a favourite here at The Conscious Spender and was the one product that led me to source them for the store.



Little Innoscents is an Australian owned, Certified Organic range of soothing and nourishing baby and children's skin care products. They are completely free from harmful chemicals and nasty ingredients.

Formulated by an Australian mum, the Little Innoscents line aims to be affordable, accessible and honestly pure.

The range is gentle and soothing enough for even the most sensitive young skins, and can help provide relief for common childhood skin conditions including eczema and dermatitis, as well as other irritations.

The Little Innoscents Organic Spearmint & Sweet Orange Hair & Body wash is a favourite here at The Conscious Spender. This is used for a little one with the most sensitive of skins.

This brand has formally advised that the palm oil they use is certified organic, sustainable and 100% carbon neutral. Their supplier is committed to organic farming, complete traceability, and environmental and social accountability.



Magnolia Apothecary was born in 2019 and is a Naturopathic Clinic. Jan is a degree qualified, registered Naturopathic Practitioner with an interest in all areas of health, but especially detoxing the body and the environment.

Magnolia's herbal tea remedies are made using the best organic ingredients and blended with medicinal thought.



NFco is all about delivering a natural, effective and stylish toothbrushing experience using the highest grade natural ingredients. The toothpaste tastes like and works just like a traditional toothpaste - but it's NATURAL! 

The Natural Mouthwash with native Australian Rivermint is Alcohol free and works as a natural and effective oral cleanser. Best of all - it's suitable for the whole family!




Nutra Organics is an Australian family business, that started as a passion project in 1998 to help nourish families and make it easier to enjoy health everyday.

To this day, the mission has never changed: They want to help you, your family, and families around the world enjoy better health with the support of wholesome, honest products.

No pseudo science. No artificial nasties. No cheap fillers. Just honest, research-based nutrition which has been formulated by their in house naturopaths and nutritionists.



Our Eco Clean started by creating cleaning products from home. They had to work well and weren’t harmful to the family or the environment. Founder Kim, wanted a way to rid her home of harmful chemicals and found that going back to basics was actually the way forward.

Researching traditional cleaning methods resulted in the development of  9 products that clean every surface in your home.

Using proven ingredients like BiCarbonate Soda, Citric Acid, Soap Flakes, and Essential oils such as “Lemon Myrtle” (the environment’s very own antibacterial weapon) Our Eco Clean products will naturally clean your home with amazing ease.



Planet Luxe was founded by Toni Lawler, and is now owned by Eco Evangelists, Wellbeing Warriors and Design Doyens,  Rachel & Justin Bernhaut.

Planet Luxe makes luxurious, well-designed products that are safe for the planet and its inhabitants, so we can all live healthier, more sustainable lifestyles and also be surrounded by beautiful things. That means absolutely no harmful chemicals or other nasty stuff. Just pure, natural, hard working ingredients and heavenly essential oils

From their entrepreneurial roots, ignited by a tiny mouth and it’s even tinier first tooth, Rachel and Justin have come full circle in many ways, now that they are at the helm of Australia’s most beautiful lifestyle brand, PLANET LUXE.

They strongly believe that prevention is better than cure.



PPC Herbs is an Australian owned company with 25 years experience in manufacturing herbal medicines and personal care products.

PPC Herbs produces an extensive range of liquid herbal extracts, listed herbal complexes plus herbal shampoos and conditioners.

All raw ingredients are sourced locally when available. PPC Herbs supplements are created with quality control and independent testing at every stage of the manufacturing process and are effective, high quality natural health supplements.



Re+Fresh Byron Bay’s is a distinctively Australian line of pure, natural products for skincare, hair care, beauty and wellbeing.

It is based on native botanical extracts and essential oils. They take a zero-tolerance approach to cruelty towards animals, people and the environment.

They are a Cruelty Free brand of Natural Beauty and Well Being products made using pure Australian Native Oils + Extracts. Small batches produced in Byron Bay.


 At SAL Skincare their ethical, sustainable range of soap and skincare products are made and offered with genuine integrity and a sincere philosophy. This is grounded in the belief that our Planet’s bounty will nourish and replenish our mind and body if we, in turn, treat our planet with genuine respect and care. SAL products are vegan, cruelty-free and palm oil-free.

SimplyClean is all about high-quality household cleaning with a conscience. With a commitment to help Australian homes be as safe and healthy as possible, they have produced a wide range of home care cleaning products that are completely non-toxic and as gentle as possible on human health and the environment.

Lismore-based SimplyClean sprang to life after the owners decided to give up their corporate jobs in Sydney and move to the idyllic Northern Rivers in 2010.

Their dream was to create a brand of home cleaning products using healthy and eco-friendly ingredients and based on strong, community-minded ethical principles.

SimplyClean was launched in 2012 and is now available at more than 450 retailers across Australia.



Soapmaid is the brainchild of Stefanie, the creator. She began her soap journey almost 15 years ago.  

Over the years, the passion for soap making has continued to grow from soap to many other handmade products.

A few years ago she officially eliminated the use of palm oil in all their collections. They proudly source ingredients from local Australian businesses.

Here at The Conscious Spender, Soapmaid's Design soaps first drew me to the brand. They look and smell divine. It seems I am not the only one as it a popular product. 




All Three Mamas products are vegan, toxin, preservative and cruelty-free. All the deodorant is also aluminium free.

They are a Melbourne based family business. Using only recyclable, reusable packaging.

Your health and the planet's health is their guiding light.

They have done the research, chosen beautiful healthy ingredients, made the products and tested them on humans.

You can sit back, relax and know you are living low tox and eco friendly with all Three Mamas products.

Another favourite at  The Conscious Spender. These deodorants have been in my bathroom for a long time. It was one of the first products I found that didn't irritate and worked well.



Wheatbags Love was founded in 2014 by Kim Stark. Back in the day when she was a remedial massage therapist she got a little frustrated by how ugly your standard wheatbag was.

What was with all the corduroy in bad colours? Determined not to sell those in her clinic she started making her own. Then she started screen printing her own fabric and selling to other similarly minded clinics and gift stores… 6 years later her love of such a wonderful, helpful product that brings such joy to people hasn’t dimmed.

Kim and a wonderful team of women work out of a studio in Melbourne where everything is still made by hand using all natural and organic materials. They have a range of delicious scents like lavender, clove and rose which make using wheatbags and eyepillows that little bit more special.



Woohoo are champions of the natural deodorant movement. Hailing from Newcastle, New South Wales, Woohoo is the brainchild of the founders of Happy Skincare.

Passionate about developing natural, organic, toxin-free formulas and tired of feeling uncomfortable due to irritations caused by traditional deodorants, the Woohoo Natural Deodorant Paste was born.

The Woohoo All Natural Deodorant paste is the best thing that has/will ever happen to your armpits. End of story. It's the healthy, toxin-free alternative to anti-perspirant deodorants that will keep you BO free all day long.

It's 100% natural, organic, vegan, and Aussie made by Aaron and Phoebe. 100% cruelty free (tested only on human hamsters).



Wotnot is an Australian company providing a range of gentle, all natural skin care for the entire family.

Wotnot's range of Australian washes, lotions and sunscreen is environmentally friendly, containing certified organic ingredients and no harmful chemicals.

Wotnot products are not tested on animals and are completely biodegradable.

Wotnot products have been developed specifically with sensitive skin in mind, ensuring as much purity and little irritation as possible. 

This brand has formally advised us that any ingredients which contain palm oil or its derivatives are from certified sustainable palm oil sources.