Each time you purchase with The Conscious Spender a percentage of your sale is donated to charity. The choice of charity is yours.

Each bi-monthly there are 3 charities to choose from. These are rotated to include many different options that align with the principles of what we do. Some are more personal choices while others are more about values.

Opting to donate part of each sale felt like a perfect way to keep the message going. You are purchasing Australian Made, thereby supporting the local community, all products are eco-friendly and enhancing the environment and your health and then a donation to a charity helps to round off a very Conscious Spending Choice.

So far we have helped the following charities, click through to learn more about each one:

This Months Organisations are:

  1. Boomerang Bags Inc
  2. Anxiety Disorder Association of Vic
  3. Shoeboxes of Love