Why is it healthy to clean without chemicals?

Why is it healthy to clean without chemicals?

I was asked the other day "Why is it better to clean without chemicals?" What difference does it make to my body?" 

Both are great questions and I was able to answer with a satisfactory response to the person. But it did get me thinking about how I might know the answers to these questions, but perhaps there are many people that do not.

At The Conscious Spender we advocate Heathy Home | Health Body, but I think a more solid explanation is warranted. In order for you to make conscious decisions about how and what you choose to buy.

Heathy homes do make it easier for you to have a health body and this is because there is less impact on your detoxification pathways and ultimately less burden on your hormones.

The human body has a wonderful detoxification system that includes many channels of elimination. That is the kidneys, the liver, the bowel, the lungs and the skin. The detoxification pathways will use all of these to help eliminate the plethora of toxins we are submitted to on a daily basis.

BUT... if we have any issues with any of these channels then the load is increased in the other pathways, which increases its burden.  This detoxification pathway can only manage a certain level of toxins before it becomes over worked. When this happens we may start to experience some health concerns. 

There are numerous types of health conditions that occur when our detox pathways are over burdened. You may experience skin problems, asthma problems, hormonal issues with both menstruation cycles and fertility and many chronic conditions as well. 

As a Naturopath I am consciously aware of many of these issues and I see the difference in peoples health when they make some changes and lower the burden on their detoxification pathways.

But the questions was "HOW?"

Let's say you suffer from eczema! We do know that the gut microbiome plays a role in improving eczema (and hayfever /allergies).  So when you ingest toxins in your food (it is impossible to avoid all chemicals) and then you wash your plates and dishes in chemicals products, you are ingesting particles from all of these. That is the food with chemicals goes onto the plates that have washed in chemicals and if you are the one washing you are also getting a hit via the skin.

Say you are doing this 3 times per day (eating and washing that is). Lets add the clothes that you are wearing and they have been washed in chemicals. But even before getting dressed you have taken a shower, washed your hair, then styled and gotten ready for work. According to The Australian Academy of Science, women can place over 515 different chemicals on their bodies with cosmetic use per day. 

That maybe 515 different chemicals before you have even taken your first cup of coffee. Then we add the food, the environment and then lets add in all the products that you clean your house with.

You can see that these start to add up and our detoxification pathways have not been made to deal with such a high amount of exposure. Therefore we have some very tired and exhausted detox systems.

What can you do to help?

You can lower the daily burden you are putting on your detox pathways, which will assist them to work more optimally and therefore reduce the risk of chronic disease.

You can help this process by looking at what you use in the home? What cleaning products do you use. Hopefully you already have an awareness of this notion that going more toxin free is healthy, otherwise you may not be reading this blog.

You can reduce what you use by starting at one room at a time. If you would like a home checklist to get you started then see here

You can also visit our resources page where there are different downloads for you to use. These are also provided to help you gain more knowledge in what you can do to help.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Or start shopping 



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