Product Review - Ausganica Litsea Cubeba Volumizing Conditioner

Product Review - Ausganica Litsea Cubeba Volumizing Conditioner

Ausganica Litsea Cubeba Volumizing Conditioner

The great part of having your own store is that when you need something you can easily choose! I like to work my way through all of my products so when I needed conditioner the other day I decided on this one. I have tried all the other Ausganica products and this was the only one I had not used.

First lets deal with the name! A rather different one that makes it more of a challenge to identify (other than the volume part). Litsea Cubeba is also known as may chang, which is an Asian plant, that produces a lemony essential oil. And the product certainly does have a citrusy smell to it.

I received a customer review of this range and they loved it but stated they were not sure about the volumising part of it. I thought maybe this was true as well until I noticed a couple of things.

Using this conditioner has allowed me to go 3 days without washing my hair. Now for some this might be normal, but for my oily hair this never happens. If leaving the house, it is normal to wash my hair daily, maybe every second day in lockdown. But by day 2 my scalp starts to become itchy and I need to wash my hair to relieve the irritation. Note I do suffer from psoriasis in the scalp. But since I started using this product I can go 3 days as well and there is minimal scalp irritation. That is a big improvement for me.

The other great thing I noticed was that when I did wash my hair on day 1 and  styled it either by straightening or using the curling iron, my hair held its style for the 3 days. So this led me to think about the Volumising part of this product.

Ausganica describes their product as 

"Increases volume in limp, lifeless hair. Detangles and adds weightless bounce and volume. Revitalizing Litsea Cubeba, Petigrain, and Rosemary oils, an herbal blend rich in nutrients, help keep hair strong and durable. Extracts of Amla, Hops, and Papaya, and strengthening silica from Horsetail, enhance hair’s bounce, body, and shine.."

I believe the volume part refers to keeping the hair strong and durable and therefore able to hold its style for a longer time frame.

I love that it: 

  • Contains 89% certified organic ingredients 
  • Paraben Free. 
  • SLS Free.
  • Cruelty Free.
  • Australian Made
  • Made with plant and herbs.

It is listed as safe for colour treated and chemically treated hair, which I can endorse as my hair currently contains a colour treatment.

I am very impressed with this product and will definitely use again. 

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