Media Release

Media Release

Media Release

For Release Saturday 15th August


The Conscious Spender launches its store of Australian-made and ethically-sourced products.

If you’re the type of person to care about what goes into the products you buy - and where they come from -  then you will enjoy the philosophy of The Conscious Spender. The brand new online store provides a fully-vetted catalogue of Australian-made products ranging from household cleaning products, baby care, personal care and even tea and coffee.

The inspiration for the store came from a variety of different ideas - and the many career paths - of company founder Jan Caton. An accredited Naturopath with 25 years experience working in retail, Jan’s interest in sourcing quality locally-made products began early: 

“ At the beginning of my retail journey, I worked with my uncle in an Australiana store. I had always had a preference for locally made products over highly commercial ones, however that role focussed on finding quality locally-sourced products for the tourist market, and I suppose that is where my passion for Australian-made blossomed.”

While Australian-made is a major attribute to The Conscious Spenders’ product range, that is only one part of the vetting process. Jan’s work as a Naturopath has made her very conscious of what ingredients go into the products we use on a daily basis, and what effects they can have on the environment.

“Working in my clinic, I am often talking with clients about the products they use around their homes, and how reducing toxins and chemicals can improve their health. I try to get my clients to reduce their exposures by reducing the chemical load where they can. If you did a stock take on all the products you use in the kitchen, laundry, bathroom and for personal care, you might be surprised at how many chemicals you are exposed to.”

The final aspect to The Conscious Spender philosophy, relates to knowing exactly where your money goes  after you purchase a product, and who it benefits. The vetting process takes into account the communities that are supported by sourcing products locally and independently, and each sale is closed off by donating a percentage of the profit to a variety of worthy organisations. These organisations will be different each month, with the consumer making the final conscious decision where their donation goes.

For more information on The Conscious Spender visit, or contact Jan Caton
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