Essential Oils for Relaxation & Sleep

Essential Oils for Relaxation & Sleep

Need some rest and relaxation?

Do you need to wind down around bedtime before you can get a good nights sleep? Or are you under stress and are finding it difficult to cope?

Well, here are some ideas to help melt away the stress of the day and have a good night’s sleep.

Essential Oils are a great addition to your stress less and sleep better regime. Essential oils are extracted from the plants. In herbal medicine the active component of the plant is extracted, in aromatherapy the oil of the plant is extracted. This means that you have a highly concentrated product both in the oil and the herbal tincture.

Essential Oils are also great for activating the smell memory in the limbic system of the brain. They are absorbed via the skin and the lungs, where they can travel around the body.

The limbic system is part of the brain that is associated with memory and emotional response. This is how certain aromas can produce memories and emotions. This is how essential oils can help enhance our emotional state. Once triggered, the limbic system will help to produce and release neurotransmitters, such as serotonin and endorphins. Serotonin is the precursor for melatonin which is needed for sleep. Serotonin is also a feel good neurotransmitter along with your endorphins.

You can use essential oils in many ways that include:

  • Inhalation – straight from the bottle.
  • Vaporiser or oil burner
  • Bath
  • On your skin – you will need a carrier oil to dilute
  • Foot bath
  • On a tissue inside your pillow at night (great one for the kids)
  • Compress – adding a few drops to warm/hot water and soaking a cloth/face washer to place on achy muscles or joints.
  • Roll on essential oils – a nice easy, mess free option that you can take in your bag. Also, great replacement for chemically based perfumes.

We had included a few new products to the range to include some essential oils and we hope you enjoy them as much as we do.

Using oils and teas for health is a much nicer option than reaching for  a pharmaceutical. And far better for you. 

So take some time out to unwind and relax with some essential oils and a relaxing herbal tea.

Calm tea is great for soothing the nerves and the Night Time tea is great for reducing that brain chatter for better sleep.

Ausganica Organic Roll OnEnergy & Stress Free

with peppermint & rosemary


Ausganica 100% Certified Essential Oil Blend

Happiness & Energy Blend


Ausganica Herbal Balm

This is already made for you. Great for achy joints and muscle pain.


Dindi Naturals Sleep Mist

Contains Oils of Lavender and Chamomile for a relaxing nights sleep.



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