Cleaning without Chemicals! Kitchen and Laundry

Cleaning without Chemicals! Kitchen and Laundry

Can you clean without your house without using all those harmful chemicals?

The answer is always YES!

But how can you make everything sparkle and clear of nasty bacteria without using all those anti-bacteria products?

Easier than you think. There are some amazing products that have been formulated to achieve the same result but do not have any of the harmful ingredients in them.

A Clean Kitchen 

The Kitchen is often the place that has multiple chemical based products as you use your dishwashing liquid to wash dishes, powder for the dishwasher, surface sprays to clean up from meal prep, stainless steel for appliances. And if you are like me you might have glass cleaner, bbq cleaner and a few other.

Lets take a look at the following:

1. Washing Dishes

KinKin Naturals dishwashing liquid and their dishwashing powder are some of my favourites. Made in Queensland using all safe ingredients they actually work a treat.

This is followed by Abode Products

Abode dishwashing liquid is another favourite and comes in a variety of fragrances. Abode has been created by Australian building biologist, naturopath and healthy home expert Nicole Bijlsma. So she really knows her stuff.

2. Surface Sprays

Abode also do a great range of surface sprays and again with a variety of fragrances.

Simply Clean are another great Australian Made company that have produced a wide range of home care cleaning products that are completely non-toxic and as gentle as possible on human health and the environment. Their lemon myrtle products are some of the fastest moving and they smell great.

While not exactly a spray I have to mention this bi-carb paste, it is the best. Not only does it smell great but it works wonders on my benchtop. Founder Kim, wanted a way to rid her home of harmful chemicals and found that going back to basics was actually the way forward.

The Laundry

This is another area that is easy to swap but often takes a bit of convincing as people often have very particular products that they like to use. And to be honest I have tried a lot of different products myself. But one of my favourites is the following:

I love the lemon myrtle smell and this acts as an anti-bacteria killing off any germs. But it also gets your clothes clean. Again a great option and it does come in bulk although I only carry the 1.75kg. If you would like a bigger option then let me know.

If you prefer a liquid to a powder then this is my favourite

This is the Blue Mallee Eucalyptus but the Lavender and Mint is also a hit. These are some of my most popular sellers.

Now if you need a soaker, my favourite is this one

This has been great over the Christmas time as I soaked all my white linen tableclothes to remove red wine and fruit stains. I also just add it into my whites and I soak many a bath mat in it to remove the smell of cat urine! My cat has taken to peeing on the bathmat that a said male always forget to hang back up!

So you can see there are plenty of options for cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals so give it a try, you won't be disappointed and neither will your body.

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