Use the environment to improve your health?

Use the environment to improve your health? What does this statement mean? Do you understand how you can use your environment to improve your health? Maybe you...
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Suffering From Skin Allergies?

Do You Suffer From Skin Allergies? Do you suffer from a skin allergy or sensitivity? Do you know what is your trigger? As a Naturopath any kind...
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Product Review - Ausganica Litsea Cubeba Volumising Conditioner

The great part of having your own store is that when you need something you can easily choose! I like to work my way through all of...
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Understanding your Exposures

Would you like to understand how you are getting exposed to toxins? In this free hand out you will find how to look for the toxins, where...
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MTHFR If you have a MTHFR genetic snp then you should  consider what products you use on your body and around the home. Having one copy of the...
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Fertility and toxicity

Fertility and toxicity I am passionate about looking at environmental toxins. So passionate that I started my own business to help address this issue. But why is...
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